The Impacts of Changing Your E-Commerce Platform

The Impacts of Changing Your E-Commerce Platform

There have been cases where an online shop is forced to change its e-commerce software. That comes as a result of making the wrong choice of an e-commerce platform only to realize after it is too late. The major reason as to why most online shops end up changing their e-commerce platforms is finding out that they chose non-scalable platforms. As much as going for an alternative platform is a way out, here are some of the risks that come with it;

  • You can lose customers

The moment you switch from one platform to another, you are most likely to go off the grid for a while. Never assume that your customers will not notice the change because they will, and their response will defer. To some, they will quickly move to the next store since they will assume that something is wrong with your site. Any small glitch that affects your site and makes it behave differently can divert so many customers from your website. That is because most customers fear for their safety and the moment they get suspicious they will assume that you have been hacked.

  • Your SEO will be affected

Building traffic through SEO takes time. The moment you decide to switch your platform, you are most likely to lose this traffic. That is because search engines crawl site pages collecting data that is used for ranking websites. The moment you move to another platform without accurately telling search engines where your links and content have moved to, your ranking will drop massively. That because search engines will be looking for you using your old platform.

  • You might have to retrain your staff

It is crucial that when you change your e-commerce platform, you train your team once again. As a result, you will have to spend time and maybe money. As for your staff, don’t expect all of them to be as good with your new platform as they were with the old one. You might, therefore, have to replace such employee and the whole process will eat up so much of your time while before your profits count gets back on track.


Changing your e-commerce platform is the worst thing you can do for your online business especially if you don’t know how to prepare for the migration. However, you can avoid all this trouble if you take your time to look for a good e-commerce platform.

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